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Residential | Hollywood, CA

Working with the original architecture of the home, we elevated the Spanish elements with a with a contemporary approach to develop a luxurious Mediterranean home suited for enjoyment and comfort.  Each space is arranged in such a way as to reveal unique perspectives thanks to subtle spacial transitions and nods to mid century modern architecture & design. A key element of the space is the custom designed iron & glass doors and windows that open up to stunning LA skyline and and draw in vast amount of natural light. To amplify the experience of the home, we leveled a 3-tiered backyard, added in a cantelievered pool + jacuzzi and another access point to the yard from the main house.  The second garage was transitioned to a luxury guest suite with its own kitchenette + bathroom so amplify the notion of comfort and accessibility. Our favorite part of the project is the homes eclectic range of furnishings and accessories!  Our goal was to create a functional yet livable space, while still incorporating fun and funky elements to create a tasteful contemporary aesthetic grounded in Mediterranean style. Photography by Higgsey Photography

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